Bellows are protective components consisting of one moveable bellow part and two connector areas for fixing. Bellows protect axially-moving bars and machine parts from contamination, water spray, dust and weathering, etc. Bellow part and connector areas have, according to operational instance, the most varied geometric forms (for example single and multiple bellows) and dimensions.

Bellows are protective elements, consisting of a flexible bellows section and two connecting parts for fixing. The contour of the flexible section of the bellows can be cylindrical, conical or barrelled. The connecting parts of the bellows can be designed in the form of annular rings, flat flanges, cylindrical collars etc. Bellows are mostly designed for particular applications, which is why the bellows section and the connecting parts exhibit such a multiplicity of geometric forms.

Examples of Use :

  1. The bellows protect the ball-joint from dirt - spherical movement.
  2. Elastic connection of two tube ends - the bellows takes up longitudinal elongation as well as axial displacement
  3. Bellows protects the connecting rod from dirt - axial movement

Bellows protects the constant velocity joint from dirt - radial movement –

  1. Bellows can follow axial movements within the limits from L min(length when compressed) to L max(length when extended). If these limits are exceeded, the bellows' deformation can be excessive and the function limited.
  2. L maxand L mincan be obtained from the Drawings. Where no such details are given, the bellows or the dust cover can accommodate only small movements.
    Bellows cannot accept any substantial pressure or vacuum because of the high deformation. Increasing the thickness at the transition radii of the convolutions strengthens the bellow but limit the flexibility.
  3. The flexible portion of the bellow can be supported by implementing circular shaped metal rings into the fold valley. Be aware, it does not always guarantee the desired results due to the possibility of cracks and cuts caused by the metal ring.
  4. To prevent the build-up of pressure inside the bellows due to axial movement, a tongue-shaped venting hole or a small hole can be made at a suitable place in a fold of the bellows.

PTFE Bellows

Highly flexible, highly expandable, can be fitted into confined spaces. Stable sides, good flexibility, adequate length extension reserves.

Application Limits for PTFE Bellows :

Pressure 0.025 MPa – 0.6 MPa, Temperature: –120 – 200°C.


They are highly flexible components available in wide range of shapes & sizes. They provide a compact protection for shafts, in hydraulic / pneumatic systems, as cover for axle joints, as steering boots, shock absorber protection for the protection of joints.

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Very High Heat a Specialty

  • Accordion Table Skirts
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  • Lift Table Bellows
  • Safety Shields
  • Wire Inserted
  • Wire Encapsulated
  • Sewn Neoprene
  • Coated Fiberglass
  • Ceramic
  • Hypalon®, PTFE®
  • Light Weight Bellows
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  • Covers, Joints, Vibration
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Tied or untied rubber bellows for use on heating and chilled water systems, industrial pipelines carrying water, oil, chemicals or gases. Also used throughout the water industry and food and drink production.
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