Diaphragms made from a highly elastic elastomer material have the role of forming a sealed yet easily mobile partition between two volumetric areas.

  • As regulator diaphragm they transform the preset pressure from a control medium into a rod force for the activation of switchgear, of control and regulator instrument or of indicator equipment.
  • As pump diaphragms they inversely convert a rod force into a pressure within the medium to be conveyed.
  • Finally, they form as a separator diaphragm a sealing barrier with the lowest intrinsic resistance between two spaces having pressure at virtual equilibrium in an accumulator.

A diaphragm is commonly installed in pneumatic brake cylinders as a sealing component, between piston and housing.


    • The universal application of diaphragms is governed by certain limitations owing to technical reasons regarding production and for design reasons:
    • The maximum possible operating pressure and the attainable stroke length are restricted
    • The effective diameter is always smaller than the housing diameter and in certain cases is not constant in the working range

    Diaphragms offer advantages over conventional sealing systems :

    1. Technically, they are absolutely tight. Lip seals always need a film of lubricant in the contact zone and as a result certain leakage occurs
    2. Diaphragm's work is practically maintenance-free
    3. No breakaway forces are needed when starting up or with a change of direction of movement. No rest point appears in the working area when the design is correct
    4. Diaphragms distinguish themselves by their rolling motion, thus low wear and a correspondingly long working life
    5. Diaphragms essentially place lower demands on dimensional stability and surface quality of the surrounding metal parts than do lip seals, and they often enable substantial cost savings
    6. This versatile, flexible engineering component comes into use in nearly all sectors of industry. Aerospace technology, foodstuffs, automotive and ancillary industry, general mechanical engineering and water fittings are only some of the business areas in which a diaphragm gives useful service. The main applications are pumps, compressors and valves as well as accumulators and bladders.

    Requests which we encounter daily:

    1. Pumps should transport a medium without leaking and should be able to meter this medium to the most precise extent.
    2. Actuating processes in valves have to flow as much as possible without large resistance.
    3. Braking processes are controlled via pressurized air in heavy goods vehicles.
    4. Actuating pressures from controlling media govern display equipment, switchgear and regulating apparatus.
    5. Various types of media should transmit precise pressures separately from one another.
    6. Hydraulic accumulator has to maintain pressures at the same level and dampen vibrations.

    The solution : Elastomeric diaphragms as the problem solver!

    Pumps, Actuators, Brakes, Regulating, Separating, Accumulators? 
    Diaphragms made out of elastomer help with the solving of these complex tasks; as, for example, environmental regulation being complied with through the use of diaphragms in pumps. Also, even aggressive media in industrial valves can be controlled, without leakage, by the employment of diaphragms using high quality materials. Innovative technology (ABS, EBS etc.) for heavy goods vehicles braking systems function with diaphragms. Likewise, space craft are kept on the right course with diaphragms.  

    Finding the solution:
    How are diaphragms used?
    You can put your enquiry to our experienced product developers. They are specialists in design and in the layout of diaphragms made from elastomer. We are on your side, not only with the finer points of design but also with the selection of the correct elastomer as well as the composite system. You can trust a Comprehensive-Know-How of diaphragms having already been developed and manufactured. We can make it easier for you to accelerate your development, and with that a reduction in costs, through the use of modern methods.

    Take advantage of our assistance in order to develop the diaphragm suitable for your application. Be it a pure elastomeric diaphragm, a fabric-reinforced diaphragm, one with a foil covering or additionally a diaphragm equipped with an inlay part. We supply you with a made-to-measure solution to your problem.

    Theoretic knowledge in the production of diaphragms has already been successful in practical action for over 25 years. We manufacture technically high-quality products for our customers. Our processes correspond to the latest quality standards. Our highly motivated team are only too happy to solve your problems quickly, and if need be, those of an unconventional nature also.